9 best accessories of the month

9 best accessories of the month

The best way to look beautiful is not only by makeup and clothes, even accessories play a major role.

Well.. well.. Well… I can speak on this for long long hours but our point here is not to give any speech. Rather to give super amazing tips to make your look complete and super classy.

Yes, you heard me correct, “CLASSY” – that is the trend these days. Everyone out here wants to be classy and want to be admired like kareena kapoor or deepika padukone. Each girl dreams of becoming as beautiful as these super talented indian actresses. They are not only super amazing actors but even trendy by their looks, attire and through their fashionable accessories.

So without wasting any more time lets give you some cool tips :

Is having a fashionable mind important ??

Well, actually it’s not so important until and unless you are happy with your tees and jumpsuits at your own place. But it comes to be important when you have to go to a pool party or to an Indian wedding or just when you want to hang out with your friends. Definitely every girl wants to flaunt in front of their friends so to be cool many girls chooses some fancy accessories to give that star-kind feeling to themselves.

What to wear with what ?? Oh Gosh..!! M so confused….

Hahaha.. Sorry for the laughter but ya the most basic and common problem of a girl is described amazingly here.

No need to worry much about it from now… Because i am here to help you girls.

9 best accessories of the month :

1) Chokers :


Chokers goes well with western outfits and most surprisingly its even available in different variety and different colours. It has taken place of necklace and pendants. If you buy it in online shops, I recommend that you use only websites which use secured online verification such as Fully-Verified. This service for video identification is a good way to protect you from online fraud.

2) Earrings :

There are various kinds of people who like to do ear piercing on various areas of the ear and having a good combo of piercing with proper earings is the best.
And do you guys know it’s the most stylish thing in the world. If you have this then you really don’t need any other accessories. But it still depends on person’s choice.


3) Bracelets :


Bracelets are never off fashion. People style it with one piece and some use it with some traditional outfits as well. It completes the look purely and never makes you look more jazzy.

4) Anklets :


So ya.. Anklets are a really good option it’s like an alternative to “payals”. People in India who are fond of Payals which they wear on both ankles for them this is a super amazing option to accessorize with western outfits.


5) Rings :


Rings are the most important part in various occasions such as marriages and engagements. They are even a tremendous accessory for your fingers.
Rings are in varieties some trendy and some traditional. And if you don’t feel like adding too many rings then just a but simply a single but stylish ring would give a boost to your look.


6) Necklace or pendants :

The most common and traditional accessory for women. We all know the basic concept : Western outfits with pendants and traditional outfits with a necklace.

7) Belly Chains :


Now, this isn’t a new addition to the accessory family but it’s a very old tradition to wear belly chains. But many people don’t know about it. So these were traditionally worn by traditional Indian Rajasthani women. This culture has been derived by them and recently adopted by many women. You can wear this with both western and traditional outfits. And i’m seriously saying this its like an addiction – Once you wear, you never wanna let it go!!

8) Nose Rings :


Nose rings or Nāka riṅgja or Nath or Mūkku vaḷaiyaṅkaḷ – We call it by many names in various languages. It’s the most traditional jewellery which we use to complete our facial look with, mostly during an indian weddings.

9) Watches :


Last but not the least ! It’s not something we would like to skip while planning out for going for work, party or even weddings. It has two benefits : one it manages well to complete our attire and second helps you to be on time. Yes, This makes us punctual as well as helps us to not get late for work.

So, according to my research these are the best accessory family for girls, ladies and women of all ages.
So do check these accessories out whenever you are planning to attend any event or function or party, this might be really helpful.

That’s it for Today!! Will meet you soon in our next post with some new fresh and helpful topic.

Till then, Cya.. Enjoy and live your life with pride !!

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